Tijani Ukay

Madam Mu Special Dream House

As a result of the massive renovations, Eriyca and her family had to move into their condominium and live with the poor Internet connection. Despite all the challenges, she takes the opportunity to keep the brand presence to the fans, even if the line and network at the new place does not help. This circumstance of the movement control order by the government halts all our work and let renovation projects like Eriyca blocked until further notice. This situation puts IDW and all other stakeholders to the test, but at the same time, it requires collaboration.

Eriyca, who is passionate about making people feel good, really keep her incredible professional attitude while facing this uncertainty of the house end date. The trust she gave into this collaboration really got her into a different class. After the MCO1 was lifted, IDW managed to resume the renovations. For some reason, Eriyca and her family had moved to another different house.

Battle with the leased property, the renovation stopped again and push the patience of everyone when the MCO2 announced by our Prime Minister. Despite all of these challenges, she persistence in doing live on FB and Noir become incredibly well known in Malaysia. It is a history of struggle and patience of a charismatic Eriyca Baiduri in the manifestation of her dream.





Luxurious Living.

The art of living a life is not to discount your standard. Eryica in personality is a strong character lady who really know what she wants in her life. Its not a straightforward design development process in the beginning, to understand her, we made a few design directions just to understand her very own definition of luxury and majestic. For her, she only perceives luxury as something not less than sophisticated, not too gaudy nor too loud.

Glass Pavilion

Outdoor glass pavilion, never be on the original plan.
When we start projects, it's just a couple of areas to renovate and design which is the interior part of the house. Until the project resumes and is nearly finished, the couple decides to do something with their bungalow garden. This area in 1st place appears to be just fine with their original teak wood gazebo they had in the center.
The couple willing to explore more what they can get from that piece of land. The sketches made by our founder in a piece of paper during dinner became reality when they both agreed to maximize the potential for exterior design.

Sound proof

Sound proof sliding door, improve privacy.

Marble Top

Using high quality marble table top for island

Modern Kitchen

She has asked IDW to reorganize her wet kitchen where she spends most of her time cooking and entertaining family members. We succeed in injecting an essence of the Italian country concept into the design of wet kitchen as she wishes. It is not easy to believe that someone so successful and preoccupied like Eryica is a person who really prefer to spend her time at home rather than some fancy hotel. That’s why she really needs her house to be as majestic as a hotel and at the same time as a home sweet home.

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