Seri Puteh Villa | 12,000 sqft | Shah Alam | Mansion Transformation

The client behind this beautiful Seri Puteh Villa is Datuk Wira Dr Hj @azizanosman_official and his wife & partner Datin Wira Hajjah Hasdiana @dianaazizan . Datuk Wira is a CA(M) FCMA, CGMA(UK) Board Member at ManagePay Systems Berhad, Founder/Chairman-RichWorks Capital, Business Master Coach & Consultant and his wife is a supportive business partner & also house wife. Datuk Wira is well known for his role as a business coach, consultant, trainer and best-selling author, Datuk Wira has trained over 650,000 people. He has helped countless small business owners and multinationals generate revenues reaching millions in annual sales.

Datuk Wira is not just a successful businessman, but also a devout Muslim who believes in the power of prayer and the importance of staying close to God. One of the most important spaces in Datuk Wira's home is his personal surau area. This area was designed to be a sanctuary where he can feel comfortable and at peace while he prays.




Bungalow design transformation client - Datuk Wira Hj Azizan bin Osman & Datin Wira Hajah Hasdiana
seri puteh bungalow design transformation - after After
seri puteh bungalow design transformation - before Before

Man Cave

Dr. Azizan Osman’s cool man cave – a spot where he does his live streams, handles office stuff, and squeezes in a bit of exercise. It’s got everything he needs for work, with a neat setup and a personal touch.

And when it’s time to take a breather, there’s a little corner for a quick workout. It’s Dr. Osman’s chill space, where he mixes business with a bit of self-care.

bungalow design transformation - azizan osman home office

Team Journey

& Progress

A client project’s implementation is difficult since many different aspects must come together for it to be successful. However, it makes the work easier for our clients who put a lot of effort into turning their ideas into reality.

By being a part of the project is a really intriguing journey because the client may experience the difficulties of the procedure. Even if there have been a few issues, we are delighted that our cherished clientele still has faith in the procedure. There will be issues that must be resolved in order to complete a project.


Original Kiswah from Mekkah

1 Large marble

1 Large stack of Luxury marble it a rare piece


The Structure

From professional to custom personal spaces and even landscape, bespoke service has all the list of every luxury home concept that you could think of! Further experiencing unique and innovation designs, only the selected premium materials is chosen along with other smart home features. You just have to name your desires, and all the rest followed.



The glass house is a modern retreat where sunlight fills every room through transparent walls, seamlessly connecting the indoors with nature. With minimalist design and panoramic views, it's a luminous sanctuary blending simplicity and elegance. This area is main place use by client to meditate, read books and do some chilling stuff.


Special Guest

Dining Area

A special guest dining room is a space that is designed to provide a unique and memorable dining experience for guests. It is typically a private room that is reserved for special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or business meetings. The room is often decorated with elegant furnishings and decor. The goal of a special guest dining room is to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes guests feel comfortable and appreciated

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