15,000 Sqft | Kota Bahru | Mansion Transformation

Step into the enchanting realm of exterior design, where true satisfaction transcends mere aesthetics. Let's navigate through some familiar challenges:

- Ever found yourself articulating your vision, only to receive a result that feels light-years away from your dreams?

- That unsettling feeling when design desires are mechanically executed, lacking creative flair and personalized touches.

- And don't get started on designers obsessed with the 'pretty,' leading to long-term functional nightmares.

- If you've faced these challenges, you're not alone. Some have even parted with fully renovated homes that didn't meet practical needs




Interior Design of Puan Anis Bungalow 1

Welcoming Foyer

Step into the welcoming foyer of this opulent mansion, where sophistication meets luxury in a timeless embrace. Marvel at the soaring ceilings adorned with exquisite chandeliers, casting a warm glow over carefully curated artwork and sculptures.Β 

A regal staircase hints at the architectural masterpiece beyond, while plush sitting areas and tasteful floral arrangements create an inviting atmosphere. Gilded mirrors reflect the grandeur of the space, setting the stage for the sumptuous lifestyle that defines every corner of this extraordinary residence.

Custom Arm Chair

Fabricate for most comfortable experience


Man Cave

Escape to the ultimate retreat for men, the Man Cave. Infused with chill vibes and rugged style, it's your personal sanctuary to unwind, game, and conquer. Revel in a space tailored for the modern man's escape and relaxation.


Modern Kitchen

Sleek and contemporary, our modern kitchens redefine elegance. Glass walls invite natural light, creating a luminous space that seamlessly blends sophistication with functionality. Elevate your culinary experience in a kitchen where style meets innovation


Special Occasion

Dinning Area

Crafted for special occasions, our dining area radiates a warm and welcoming ambiance. Thoughtful design, soft lighting, and curated decor create an inviting space, perfect for memorable gatherings. Elevate every moment with an atmosphere that celebrates the joy of shared meals and cherished company.



Dinning Area

Designed for daily joy and family warmth, our dining area exudes a happy and cozy vibe. From vibrant colors to comfy seating, every detail fosters a sense of togetherness. It's a space where laughter and delicious meals blend seamlessly, creating daily memories in a happy, inviting atmosphere



Recreation Area

The family creation area is a cozy space designed for gathering, sharing stories, and fostering connections. With comfortable seating, warm lighting, and personalized decor, this inviting corner invites laughter, conversation, and quality time together. Whether it's preparing meals, crafting, playing games, or simply relaxing, this area is where families come together to create moments that will be treasured for a lifetime.


Classy looking


Escape to timeless elegance. Imagine a bathroom bathed in neutral tones, accented with natural stone and gleaming fixtures. A freestanding tub beckons, inviting relaxation. Unwind in a haven of class, designed for pure indulgence.

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