Choosing the Correct Lighting to Increase Productivity.

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Written by ‘Allya Muchaerany Mulyono, 17 January 2022.

While there are countless ways to increase your productivity in the office, one of the most important factor you must focus on is lighting. It may sound like a simple and mundane thing, but its effect is tremendous. 

Whether it’s a workplace or a personal study, here are several factors to consider when choosing the correct lighting:

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Choose the Correct Shade

Yes, lights have shades. Warm white, cool white and daylight. Each light has its own use, but for a place of work or study, the perfect light shade will be cool white or daylight. The yellow shade in warm white will not only make us sleepy, but in the long run, it can cause a strain in our eyes whenever we are reading.

Choose the Right Meter

You may not have it in your home, but every self-sufficient interior designer or contractor will have a meter to measure light bulbs. This meter comes in two types, incident and reflective.

The perfect light meter reading for an office is 400 to 500 Lux. However, if the room is often used to review important documents or detailed drawings, the suggested light meter reading is 600 – 800 Lux. It depends purely on the purpose of the area.

Adding Ambiance

While a working area must be practical, there’s no harm in making sure it looks pretty too. It does not have a big impact, but by adding spotlights, a soft ambiance will be created. You can either add it near the wall or shine it on displays of your award winning achievements.

There are many factors in creating the perfect office, but by choosing the correct lighting, you will not only increase your productivity, but also prevent your eyes from damage. A win-win situation we would say!

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