A Designer’s Favourite Client is…

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Work without passion is akin to a lonely 8-hour road trip without songs or with a broken radio, as it is never enjoyable. Luckily, a designer’s career is massively influenced by the clients that they face, as personal preferences play a key role in their work.

What exactly are the criteria of a client that tends to be a designer’s favourite? Well, it must be…

Someone who is COOPERATIVE

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The manner of interior designing or home sculpting is largely worked on mutual grounds. Some sort of agreement is needed between the clients and the designers, in order for a smooth functionality.

Having someone who is cooperative throughout the process would obviously ease the workflow of said designers. Like oil in machineries, each step would be smoothened and a much more desirable outcome can therefore be achieved!


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In reaching that plane of outcomes desired, proper communication must also take place. In general work even, an unclear instruction from the boss could spell disaster to the whole organisation−hence, the need to have a transparent conveyance of words from both sides.

Clients are considered as bosses from our perspectives, thus a crystal-clear communication must be encouraged from the beginning. With a clear set of instructions, work can be carried out without much of a blockade which would of course, be advantageous to all parties involved.


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Interior design is not a matter of the trivial sense. One would need to have a well-versed idea and vast knowledge of the subject before delving further into it.

To have someone who truly knows what they want is a bliss, especially from a designer’s standpoint. With proper highlights of the ends-of-a-spectrum concerning likes and dislikes, designers can proceed with their best recommendations for clients, allowing for the superlatives to be gained in settling the dust of interior designs.

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