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The usage of furniture is essential in the process of embellishing Mrs DDNK residence. The IDW team provided a multitude of guidance regarding how to craft a fabulous interface, including the utilization of lighting colours which would influence an area of the house. The client is notably intrigued by the modern contemporary concept because it incorporates harmonious colours and has an effect on a section that needs to be emphasized.

Contemporary style embraces minimalistic elements highlighting greys, beiges and shades of white. Sleek, thoughtful, hidden details emphasize an edited aesthetic. Contemporary style offers an 'everything in its place' interior featuring designs that are high on function and simplicity and low on collections and fuss. Modern design references a specific design movement, whereas contemporary design is a more general term describing what's on-trend now. 






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Multi Coating Glass

Modern Kitchen

Put your faith in the path, and happiness will follow. Although the trip is challenging, we are nevertheless able to produce something unexpected with all our effort.

With the outcomes of our work at IDW, the client is really pleased. Finally, all of the imaginative draft generated in the 3D sketching may be brought to life and felt. The client can’t help but smile when they see the kitchen and theatre areas focal points, which are both very spectacular. We take great
pride in being able to please our customers.

The client was able to award us five stars for the IDW team’s dedication thanks to the excellent results. Glad to be part of their journey and manifested their whole happiness!

1. Living

Dream Haven

Luxury Transformation

Step into our living room where classic meets modern. Muted colors and comfy furniture create a timeless feel. Classic elements blend seamlessly with modern pieces, giving the room an elegant yet cozy vibe. It's a stylish mix that feels both familiar and fresh.


Dining Area

our dining area where classic meets modern charm. Soft tones and comfy seating create a timeless atmosphere. Classic elements blend seamlessly with modern touches, offering an elegant and inviting space. It's a stylish mix that sets the perfect scene for delightful meals and gatherings.

3. Kitchen


Island. Simple

Soft hues and contemporary touches create a timeless yet fresh vibe. Classic design elements seamlessly merge with modern functionality, making it a stylish and practical space. It's a perfect blend for both cooking and socializing, bringing together classic warmth and modern ease.

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