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Expert Advice for House Design & Build

  • Speak for 1 Hour with our Interior Designer (ID) Consultant
  • Receive client’s requirement for related job scope (interior/exterior)
  • Discuss pre-proposal phase to get better vision and mission


1-to-1 for 3D Design Process

  • Engage with our specialist interior designer once you have confirmed in proceeding design & build with us
  • Direct 1-to-1 with the specialist for 3D visualization idea inspiration


Design & Build Quotation

  • Listen directly from our Quantity Surveyor (QS) for your Bill of Quantity (BQ) or quotation
  • Site visit and measurement processes from our interior designer and project manager


Construction Project

  • Defect checklist by qualified project manager before your house construction start
  • Every process will be frequently updated by Person-In-Charge (PIC)
  • Client hustle free management; A-Z services
  • Monthly checkup progress by our specialist interior designer


Handing Over Session

Step in to your dream home!

  • Bring your belonging as if you are checking in into your favorite hotel
  • Warranty guaranteed with special service treatment from team

Benefits of Hiring IDW

With complete guidance from our exclusive patterning, you can also get your home professionally styled and build in no time. Firmly standing on the fast-track procedures, your home will be able to finish renovation within 3 to 4 month. Style in no short supply of materials, nothing is possible in achieving the same vibe and look for your residential area.

From professional to custom personal spaces and even landscape, bespoke service has all the list of every luxury home concept that you could think of! Further experiencing unique and innovation designs, only the selected premium materials is chosen along with other smart home features. You just have to name your desires, and all the rest followed.

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It’s not just homes, we build dreams.


IDW design consultation will provide you all the necessary steps in how to achieve best home planning for your future home. Therefore, our ID consultant will give you our right solution based on your concerns. Before start building your house information detail really crucial for us in order to make sure all the progress and flow smooth.

The consultation session will take only one hour whereby everything that you needed to ask will be directly answered by our expert ID consultant.

We will help you on how to style your home according to your family’s needs, arrange for best space planning for your house area and create a mood board that best suit your style and preferences. Best part is that you will receive IDW Design Collection book for Free!

Yes. However, we do understand someplace have weaker internet connection so buffering process during consultation session will not be charged any further. Incase if you have more questions to ask, our ID consultant will be glad to assist without extra charges.

It will be a virtual consultation via Zoom. After you have successfully booked with us at, our ID consultant will send you the Zoom link, 15 minutes before the session, to your WhatsApp. You also can set consultation session in our showroom at U12 Shah Alam.

You will be entertained by our expert ID consultant who have great experience in house management. They will help to identify every single parts that you should know before you proceed towards design & build processes.

You will instantly identify which package suits you more once you have listened to everything that our expert ID consultant speak. This is because there will be a clear difference between bespoke and dream home package.

Once you agree to proceed to the next phase, our team will send the price quotation before you engage with our interior designer.

STEP 1: Get Design Consultation

*Book your specific date and time based on your availability. Little do you know; our seats are selling like hot cakes! * 

Please follow these steps for successful completion of 1-To-1 Design Consultation Session:

Step 1: Book Your Date & Time

Step 2: Pay design consultation fee

Step 3: Receive automatic Google Meet link via email

Step 4: Complete your 9 Design Steps of Home Concept

Step 5: Wait for Your Booking Date

What will you get when you book virtual Design Consultation with us?

What people say about our design consultation



“It is comprehensive enough with the drawing proposal, presentation for our first time consult with interior design”

Tuan Megat Mohammad Ilham

Thank you for the input!


“Thank you so much for all input the input and ideas, saya gembira dengan sesi ini. Kalau 1 hingga 5 bintang, I would say full marks, or lebih lagi 6!

Puan Nadia

What people say about our design consultation

Amazing & Useful Content


Sangat seronok sebab dari susun atur, plaster ceiling, pada wainscoating, tak tau sesuai ke tak, tapi bila join consultation lebih nampak, lebih jelas tentang susun atur design, skim color for certain area.

Puan Yatie

Clear vision and goal


Saya rasa clear sikit, so saya dah tahu apa nak buat seterusnya, buat budget dan apa yang nak di proceed selepas ini. Rasa lebih bersedia.

Encik Zahari

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