Timeless Interior Design Style That Will Never Age

People always say fashion styles change every decade or so—except the classics, and that applies to interiors too. However, there are always some designs that manage to exist alongside these new trends. No matter what era we live in, certain styles are always there. There’s a reason why classics are well, classics. Just like what Karl Lagerfeld said, “I love classic beauty. It’s an idea of beauty with no standard.”

These styles are considered “Timeless” due to the longevity of the design. Homes with these interiors will never fail to awe the people living in it or even their guests, regardless of their background. So, let’s explore each type of interior design style that will never age.


Perfect for a vintage home, it has a timeless good look with excellent details and passionate energy. Although, it can also be used in new constructions by adding coving, panelling, and modern architectural elements. As such, you can use decoupage or include a wallpaper panel to add depth, warmth and traditional style to a room.  

Also, if you manage to find a magnificent piece of vintage furniture or a rug from centuries ago, it’ll play a significant role in this style. Such pieces that have survived this long will be more likely to last better than anything brand new from any big furniture store. But what gives vintage items their life is not just their quality, but also the sentimental and decorative influence they have on a space; they can add a lot of warmth, layers of texture and history to a room. Now, if you add such pieces to your home, you can achieve authenticity and uniqueness to any room.


A classic that exudes style that is modern and frequently elegant. Think of gorgeous textiles like fur or velvet paired with curvy-shaped furniture and a luxury designer lighting. This style is typically simple and subtle where monotones are frequently used to complement muted colours. Dynamic contemporary design is prevalent today as materials and finishes with slick, smooth edges are often seen in the industry. 

Another element that can be found in this design is “Marble” that adds uniqueness to any home. Marble will always be a classic in interior design. Whether installed in a traditional, or even non-traditional way, its varied hues and striking veins always impart an air of refinement, beauty, and richness to any space. The quality that endures the test of time justified the high price tag.

Modern country

This style offers a fresh aesthetic with all the distinctive features of the country, but in a more organised approach. It utilizes a variety of natural materials such as wood, stones, wool, and linen to bring the outside within. Furniture made out of woven and cane is aesthetically diverse, rich in texture, warm, and is an ideal design choice for now and forever more. Wherever you place them, these kinds of items will provide a pleasant touch of texture and always feel aesthetically light. 

The colour scheme often used is light and neutral with some darker tones, giving this appearance a realistic and thoughtful feel. Keep your main furnishings neutral (such as your sofa, rug, and accent chairs), then add colourful trends with throws, accessories, and artwork.


Minimalism is for those who enjoy an uncluttered lifestyle. Only the absolute necessities are on display, though they must be lovely and beautiful. The notion of having only what you truly need and built-in storage with everything in its place makes this style a simple, elegant, and contemporary design aesthetic that upholds the concept that “less is more”.

Neutral colours like white are common especially when your goal is to achieve a chic room that can uphold any current trend (because you can add in any colours into the room). Due to this, an open style shelving would suit this interior. You have a lot of styling options with open shelves and since they’re only attached to the walls, changing your decor will be effortless. All you have to do is give your décor a new look by rearranging your pieces and changing out certain things. Artworks, family antiques, awards, and souvenirs from your trips can all be displayed on open shelves; to add personality to your home.

Beach house

Ever dream of having a beach house, where you can see the sea every day? Because we certainly do and are so grateful that this style exists!

It’s understandable why this aesthetic is so popular; it features blues and whites, coastal themes, and wooden furnishings. Even when the sea is thousands of miles away, you can achieve this effect by using coastal hues, shiplap walls, driftwood furnishings, incredibly comfortable couches and armchairs, and slubby textured carpets to create a relaxed atmosphere.

We also suggest looking for natural materials like linen, wool, and alpaca due to their durability, plus they’re perfect for things like bedding, pillows, blankets, and carpets. They are not just attractive, they are also useful. To complete the overall look, upgrade the flooring with hardwood. They are the top option for homeowners wishing to replace their floors, since they are strong, simple to clean, and, most all, have a stylish appearance. Additionally, as flooring occupies the largest amount of space in any room, choosing hardwood floors will undoubtedly complement the theme.

Choosing a style for your home is no easy feat. Hence, the reason why you need the opinion of an expert to find the perfect fit. Look no further because IDW is here to the rescue! Not to mention, we are an expert in designing homes with those five styles mentioned earlier. Nevertheless, even if you want an avant-garde design for your home, our team of experts will guide you along the way. All you have to do is book an appointment through our IDW Design SuperApp today.


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