Aligning with Your Interior Designer and Contractor

male constructor drawing draft on paper roll

Do you know that we tend to choose someone who we are aligned with? Just like dating (or any other relationship), we are inclined to be with a person we ‘click’ with.

This is especially important when you want to create your dream home. First, the cost of renovating a house is not a small amount and countless individuals are involved in the process–especially interior designers and contractors. Hence, it is important for homeowners to…

  1. Communicate

They did say communication is key and that is true! Of course you can have small talks with the team of professionals, but importantly, you must be able to convey your thoughts to them properly.

This rule applies to all parties. To get a clearer picture, this is the usual flow of conversation: homeowners > interior designers > contractors.

  1. Understand

What exactly is a request without proper clarity? Getting the right intel to understand the ins and outs of a certain design is pivotal, as you cannot really gain the attention to details in the blink of an eye, out of nowhere. 

Proper understanding plays a huge role as the first step, and your interior designers and contractors are just the two most relevant parties in attaining said clarity!

  1. Be Clear and Precise

You are off to a great start; should the first and second steps be realised, but what to do with all the knowledge and inputs gained? Convey them out, obviously! Put two in two, and communicate your requests with clarity and precision for a much better experience going ahead, in actualising your dream home.  

  1. Be Involved

Next up, be involved. Take part and be as nosy as you could in order to ensure that each step is followed thoroughly, in accordance to your requests. Get to know the planning and execution when the construction of your dream home is underway. Everyone loves the inquisitive bunch, so this effort really would go both ways!

But do remember to not be a boulder, and hindrance the work of your designers and contractors.

  1. Have Patience

When all is said and done, take a chill pill and shake your legs off casually. Be patient and let the pros do their work, do not rush them completely, as said parties also have their own pace to walk on.

Do check in once in a while, and treat the team with clear and kind communications. It is always fun and instrumental to get in the know sometimes, as the process of realising your dream home is always a thrilling journey to latch upon.