We Ask, You Answer: Why Your Roof is Important

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Written by ‘Allya Muchaerany Mulyono, 13 January 2022.

Just as a woman’s hair is her crown and glory, so is the case with a roof to a house. The idea of taking care of it may be obsolete and trivial to some but they’re our first layer of protection from the outside world. Once our roof starts leaking, the insides of the house will be damaged as well.

Despite the fact most homeowners are unable to differentiate between a handyman and a construction specialist, Mr. Daniel, the founder of Mr. Roof Sdn Bhd, who together with his father founded the company after his return from Singapore in 2014.

After returning to Malaysia, Daniel suggested an idea to his father who has been a General Contractor for 25 years to go forward from doing a one-man job to become a specialist that focuses on a part of a building. Inspired by the green-roof of Singapore, the father-son duo chose ‘rooftops’ as their main area of expertise. 

So how can we take a good care of our roof?

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Seek a professional

A well-built roof can last up to 20 years. Hence, it is important for homeowners to seek professional help because a poorly-built rooftop will create bigger problems in the future. There are three (3) services provided by Mr. Roof:

  1. Roof Repair; e.g. fixing leakage, etc.
  2. Roof Maintenance; e.g. repainting the roof. The paint will only last for five to six years. As time goes by, the paint fades and the waterproof layer will fail because it’ll start to peel off. However, in regards to traditional housings, it has never been done because there’s a concern for safety due to its easily breakable materials. If the customer really wants it, they must change the roof into a similar modern rooftop but this will change the look of the house.
  3. Roof Rejuvenation; Yes, not only our skin, but our roof needs rejuvenation too. Why? Well, just like our skin, roofs are our first line of defence from the harsh weather. Roofs in general are repairable as long as they are not too old. Roof rejuvenation usually includes repairing the joint, the ridges, the hips, and even washing the entire roof with a high-pressure jet, as well as applying primer to it.

Paint and Layers

A good roof requires up to four layers of coating.  The first layer is waterproofing the roof, then PU is applied as an elastic waterproof material for the second layer and followed by two coats of paints. Roofs are able to last longer due to the additional waterproofing provided by the PU layer.  For the third and fourth layer of the roof, paint is used as a coating and Mr. Roof’s go-to paint brand is Kansai. There are more common retail brands such as ACI or Nippon, but Kansai’s ingredients and materials allow it to be more durable for the long-run since it fades out slower compared to other brands.


The parameters to be considered when choosing a rooftop colour is how it’ll affect the house’s temperature and how easily it will fade. The lighter the colour, the colder it will be as the roof will reflect the sunlight, but if you choose the colour black, the house temperature will be hotter. Dark green, dark blue, and dark brown are the common colours because it will still look presentable after fading through time. A light-coloured roof will cool down the house, but is not a crowd favourite due to how it fades and dirties easily. 


Just like how buildings have unique designs, so is the case with roofs. Each type of structure requires different types of materials as some of them are not versatile, an example is PU. Before installing a PU layer, a primer coat is required, but cement slabs will cause the primer to crack. Therefore, something similar to a carpet will be used where it needs to be torched until it melted for it to stick to the slab. Since its 4 mm thick, it can withstand Malaysia’s harsh weather and is qualified for a 10-year warranty. 

Outer Walls

Not only rooftops, outer walls play a major role in the exterior and interior design of a house too. Homeowners often complained about water seeping from the outside into their bedroom. It turns out external walls need two layers of waterproof paint – if your budget allows for it – because a normal paint will cause the water seepage. Instead of paying for continuous repairs, it is advisable to splurge at the beginning. 

It is better to choose a slightly good quality rather than finding a cheaper alternative. It is worth it because our roof is directly exposed to the harsh environment. Most people may see it as too expensive, but it is a long-term investment which can last up to 20 years.

If you have any further enquiries, do not hesitate to contact us or visit Mr. Roof at mrroof.com for a consultation.